Protective Actions Research (2024)

Protective Actions Research (2024)


What is the protective action decision making model? ›

The model attempts to characterize the way people “typically” make decisions about adopting actions to protect against environmental hazards. The stages within the protective action decisionmaking process are sequential, as are those within the information seeking process.

What are the protective actions may be taken? ›

Types of Protective Actions

Protective actions include making appropriate notifications, isolating the hazard area, evacuation, sheltering in place, and wearing protective clothing and equipment that mitigates contact with hazardous substances.

What are the three protective actions? ›

They apply in so many different situations that we call them "The Big 3". Please take some time to become familiar with how to evacuate, shelter-in-place and secure-in-place.

What is the padm theory? ›

The PADM identifies three critical predecision processes (reception, attention, and comprehen- sion of warnings or exposure, attention, and interpretation of environmental/social cues)— that precede all further processing.

What are protective action recommendations? ›

Protective actions (protective action recommendations): designed to be taken before an anticipated Protective Action Guide (PAG) dose is reached. Actions taken to reduce or eliminate the public's exposure to radiation or other hazards following an radiation incident.

What are the 4 parts of the decision-making model? ›

There are 4 basic elements in decision theory: acts, events, outcomes and payoffs.

What is the first priority of protective actions? ›

Safety First and Always

Once you've ensured your own safety at the scene, your priorities should be for rescue, life saving, first aid, and fire control.

What is the protective action? ›

Protective action means an action taken by members of the public to protect themselves from radiation from an accident involving radioactive material.

What are 5 types of personal protective used? ›

Components of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Gloves. Gloves help protect you when directly handling potentially infectious materials or contaminated surfaces.
  • Gowns. ...
  • Shoe and Head Covers. ...
  • Masks and Respirators. ...
  • Other Face and Eye Protection.
Oct 20, 2022

Who wrote the protective action decision model? ›

Michael K. Lindell & Ronald W. Perry, 2012.

What are personal protective actions? ›

Personal protective actions are those actions taken to protect oneself prior to helping others.

What are protective actions for life safety? ›

In emergency management, this is called “protective actions for life safety.” It includes procedures to: Evacuate - leave an area where there is or is likely to be a hazard, such as in a building fire. Shelter - immediately find a protected place to stay until an emergency has ended, such as during a tornado.

What is the social cognitive preparation model? ›

The model describes a developmental process that commences with factors that motivate people to prepare, progresses through the formation of intentions, and culminates in decisions to prepare.

What is PrOACT decision-making model? ›

The PrOACT (Problem, Objectives and Measures, Alternatives, Consequences, and Trade-offs) Structured Decision-Making framework* is a method for creating a clear and concise summary of a problem and the possible solutions to it so that you—or a senior decision-maker—can clearly see the consequences of each choice.

What are the four styles of decision-making model? ›

The four decision-making styles, analytical, directive, conceptual, and behavioral, are strategies leaders and individuals employ to make choices. Different styles work better in different situations or environments, and understanding decision-making leads to productive, cooperative, and engaged work environments.

What is the military model of decision-making? ›

The MDMP consists of seven steps: receipt of mission, mission analysis, course of action (CO A) development, COA analysis, COA comparison, COA approval, and orders production. The MDMP offers a proven analytical process that assists the commander and staff in developing, integrating, and synchronizing their plan.

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